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Well, i have no links to games for you, BUT i have put an easier navigation to the forums, it is at the top right below the picture of the speaker, 

Short ehh?
see you around
Views: 18670 | Added by: Mann | Date: 2011-01-13 | Comments (15)

Well Christmas is over now which means that we go back to our non-holidayish theme, but its no longer the old orange spotted website we have used before, more construction to fix up the site will be made in now to New Years day, 

So, there has been no major changes, but Affiliations will also be made in short time, hopefully with Everything and Anything, BIG, and maybe Pokemongts, we'll see how it plays out. Sometimes i think its easy, sometimes i think Making this site is just a load, but no one else is going to do it this time of year, it was by miracle that i got back on this long enough to update 

Sorry for venting on you,
have a nice Sunday, 

Views: 6924 | Added by: Mann | Date: 2010-12-26 | Comments (4)

Happy Holidays from E+ Admins

Everything Plus wishes you A Merry Christmas or whatever Haliday your religion celebrates,

Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, either way, We still hope you the best holidays and we give you our regards

I got you all a late christ ... Read more »
Views: 1219 | Added by: Mann | Date: 2010-12-25 | Comments (1)

Hello Forum, man i am tired,
As you all know, i put in a request for helpers, sadly, no one did help, i don't blame you, but now i am letting you guys make your own user group, i dont care what it is, here is what you get if you want one
  • Along with just a user group, 
  • your group gets its own place in the forums that only it can see!
thats about all i can think of, it is six 18 right this second

 if your on the site regularly you can see that the site now had a christmasy theme, i kinda like it, although it could use some work and color tweaks, but eeh, this will be effective until new years,

this somewhat concludes the short update, i cant center it, hmm, anyway,
have a nice friday and weekend,

Views: 982 | Added by: Mann | Date: 2010-12-10 | Comments (3)

It has happened! we have pages! as of today, we have a Twitter and a Youtube, still hoping for more, but we will have to deal,

I am mostly happy that the first month of E+ lifespan has not been a bad one, although it has brought upon a fight in others for mentioning it, which i regret, and i am sincerely sorry for the trouble i have caused in the past week,

But that brings me to my next topic,
we have reached the point in time that i am searching for helpers to help me around the site, and its pages, there are many  jobs i need done, you c ... Read more »
Views: 760 | Added by: Mann | Date: 2010-12-03 | Comments (8)

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